Violet (Pooley) Sweeny began her golf career in Victoria where she was a member of the Victoria Golf Club. She moved to Vancouver and married S.C. “Bimbo” Sweeny in 1919, a well known rower and rugby player active in the Vancouver Rowing Club. Violet joined the Jericho Golf Club and continued to work for the betterment of the sport even after she stopped competing. As well as excelling in golf, Violet was an avid tennis player, who won the Mainland of BC championships in 1910.

Violet held numerous Victoria city golf titles during her career. As well, she captured the Pacific Northwest title seven times. In 1905, 1909, and 1914 she did so with the Victoria Golf Club, and in 1920, 1923, and 1927-28 with the Jericho Golf Club. She was also runner-up three times in 1906 and 1912 with Victoria and 1929 with Jericho.

Violet won the BC championship nine times. With Victoria she won in 1905, 1908-10, and 1914 and with Jericho in 1920, 1922-23, and 1929.

She was a member of the Canadian Ladies Championship team that competed in Montreal in 1913. She joined the Canadian Ladies Golf Union (CLGU) in 1933 and formed the BC executive, serving as president from 1933-42. In 1943, she was made a life member of the CLGU.

Violet donated the cup awarded for the “10 and Under Championship” in 1949 for “Business Girls'” team play. In 1952, while chair in charge of junior development, she donated the cup for the junior championship.