Victor Lindal’s lifetime career and contribution to volleyball–as a coach, referee, commentator, organizer, and founder–has promoted the sport in BC and in Canada arguably more than any other individual in the field.

Aptly nicknamed “the voice of volleyball” and “Mr. Volleyball,” his first taste of the game began in the Air Force. During his university years he became a referee and later a member of the local executive, which eventually led to the founding of the BC Volleyball Association.

Lindal’s coaching career began in 1965 and encompassed all levels of volleyball. His record included seven national championships as head coach: five with the Vancouver Calonas women’s team, one for midget boys and one for the juvenile men division.

Lindal was also instrumental in developing the game at the grassroots level with the launch of the Pacific Rim Volleyball Championships, establishment of the Victoria Volleyball Association, the founding of the BC High School Girls and BC High School Boys Volleyball programs, and the founding of the BC Volleyball Association. His influence also extended to the first volleyball camp in North America and the Japan/BC exchange program.

Lindal worked as a TSN commentator at virtually all televised CIAU matches, at four Olympic Games, and the World University Games in Edmonton.

After five decades in volleyball, Lindal continues to be active in the sport. He directly and indirectly influenced all facets of the game. Coaches, officials, and players unanimously believed that Lindal was instrumental in bringing volleyball to the forefront in British Columbia.