Trev Deeley is an active and notorious figure in the motorcycle racing industry and community. Deeley began his racing career at the age of sixteen and went on to build a renowned reputation for being a phenomenal racer. From 1947 to 1958, Deeley competed, won, and set a series of track records in numerous races and was a three-time competitor in the 200-mile road race in Daytona Beach, Florida riding a Harley-Davidson.

In 1957, Deeley retired from racing and became more involved in the motorcycle industry and community. His commitment to promoting and distributing motorcycles had helped revolutionize the industry in Canada. In 1972 Deeley was given inclusive rights for the distribution of Harley-Davidson products, and was the first Canadian appointed to the Board of Directors for Harley-Davidson.

As well, Deeley had enthusiastically supported all levels of motorcycle racing. As a supporter and mentor of athletes in motorcycle racing, Deeley assisted racers of all levels, such as Yvon Duhamel and Mike Duff, to achieve top titles and awards. In addition, to pursue the continuing interests of the motorcycles of the past, he started purchasing old motorcycles over fifty years ago and accumulated one of the finest motorcycle collections in the world.

In recognition of Deeley’s activities and services to motorcycle organizations and the community, he was given countless awards and inductions. He became a Canadian Motor Sports Hall of Fame Inductee in 1995, and was the only Canadian winner of the American Motorcyclists Association Dud Perkins Award. Deeley became an Inductee to the Worldwide American Motorcycle Heritage Association Hall of Fame in June 1999. These are only a few of the awards and reflect a long list of his accomplishments.

Deeley’s achievements and contributions are a testament of his dedication to the sport and industry.