Margaret (Taylor) Turner moved to the interior town of Kelowna in 1919 at the age of seven. A talented athlete, she excelled in the sport of tennis. Margaret was regarded as one of the finest athletes to come out of Kelowna and in recognition of that fact, she was chosen as one of the inaugural members of the Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame in 1982.

Margaret won five BC singles championship titles in 1935-36 and 1938-40. She took three BC doubles championships in 1935, 1938, and 1940, each time with a different playing partner: Taylor and Pease, Taylor and Fernie, and Taylor and O’Shea respectively.

Margaret was the Canadian singles champion in 1935. She took two Canadian doubles championships in 1938 and 1939, partnered in both years with Vess O’Shea.

She won the 1940 ladies singles championship title at the Inland Empire Tournament in Spokane, Washington, a major US competition.