Jo-Anne Ritchie stands as one of the most decorated female triathletes in Canadian triathlon history. Her success in Canada and abroad represents the sheer hard work and determination she has applied to her sport.

In the early 1990s, with the support and love from her family, she was able to reach both her personal and professional goals. Her medals also epitomize her commitment to her family, while simultaneously pursuing a full time training schedule.

As a Simon Fraser University graduate, Ritchie first started to race for fun and fitness. She quickly discovered her passion for racing. The more she competed, the more serious she became about the sport. With her drive and commitment, she accomplished great strides in the field.

Her success at the Canadian triathlon championships saw her place first for two consecutive years (1991 in Muskoka and 1992 in Kelowna) and in the top three in Montreal in 1990 and Calgary in 1993. On the world stage, her major accomplishments were equally impressive. At the world triathlon championships, she took first place in the female division in Australia in 1991, second overall at Muskoka, Ontario in 1991, and third overall (first Canadian) at the 1993 championships in Manchester, England.

In February 2000, she was honoured as the first inductee in the Triathlon Canada Hall of Fame in Victoria.

Once her competitive days were over, Ritchie remained involved in sports as a multi-sport coach and volunteered her time assisting her children’s sports teams. Her achievements in the sport of triathlon have made her a role model for British Columbians.