As well as amassing a two decade racing career, Jim Hutchison was an internationally recognized authority on hydroplane design, construction, and operation. He was instrumental in popularizing hydroplane racing in British Columbia—literally thousands gathered to watch him race in English Bay in the 1950s.

In 1939, Hutchison became the first person in Canada to design, build, and race a three-point hydroplane. From 1946-64, racing in his “Teasers,” he broke every record, regularly out-performing all European and US competitors.

Hutchison established three Canadian One-Mile Class records (1952-54). He won the Pacific Northwest Gold Cup four consecutive years, the Challenge Trophy in 1955, and the Western Canadian High Point Awards for 1955-56.

Hutchison retired from competition in 1964 and continued to design and build hydroplanes. In 1969, he designed and built the now legendary “War Canoe,” which was a motor-powered boat that won the US national championship in 1970. For many years, War Canoe held the world record for number of points awarded in a single year of competition.