Jim Douglas was an active player in his hometown of New Westminster when interest in lacrosse was high, due in part to an intense rivalry that existed between two New Westminster teams, the Salmonbellies and the Adanacs. It is interesting to note that throughout the course of his playing career, Douglas played for both of these teams. He was considered one of the best box players of his era and is a charter member of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

From 1935-41 and 1945-46, Douglas played on the New Westminster Adanacs (Intercity Lacrosse League). In 1939 he led the Adanacs to the Mann Cup, and received the Maitland Trophy for “Most Valuable Player” during the 1939 Mann Cup final.

Between 1943-45, Douglas played for the New Westminster Salmonbellies (the Adanacs were defunct during the war) including on their 1943 Mann Cup winning team.

During his eleven-year career, he scored 466 goals and 182 assists in only 218 games, and was on five BC championship teams.

On June 1, 1939, he set two standing records: most points ever in a Senior A game in BC (twelve goals, four assists, totaling sixteen points) and most goals in a single game (twelve).