Edward “Cardy” Cardinall was an active tennis and badminton player before coming to Canada and settling in North Vancouver in 1905. He remained involved in tennis as a player, promoter, and administrator for over half a century. “Cardy” was named “Mr. Tennis” in 1960 by the BC Tennis Patrons Association and was presented with the Marlborough Award in 1961—the only non-Canadian to win this prestigious citation—for his outstanding contributions to tennis. In 1926, the US Lawn Tennis Association made him a life member.

Cardinall won the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club championships and held the Vancouver Lawn Tennis Challenge Cup for Open Singles from 1910-12. He became the singles tennis champion while serving with the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders.

Cardinall won the 1914 BC mixed doubles championships for badminton. He captured the 1922 BC doubles championships at the Victoria Lawn Tennis Club and the 1922 singles championships at the Okanagan Valley Lawn Tennis Club.

Cardinall was the driving force behind the organization of the BC Lawn Tennis Association (BCLTA) in 1921. He served as secretary-treasurer of the Pacific Northwest Lawn Tennis Association from 1933-63, as secretary-treasurer of the Vancouver and District, and BC Associations, as vice-president of the Canadian Lawn Tennis Association, and as secretary and life member of the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club.

He was the western organizer of numerous international professional touring teams. With the BCLTA, he helped promote the first professional tennis exhibition in Vancouver in 1927 played at the Denman Arena. Cardinall also organized the 1931 Canadian lawn tennis championships that were held in Vancouver. He was the official referee of the 1947 and 1956 Canadian lawn tennis championships.