Dorothy Wagar Lidstone moved to North Vancouver in 1955 and became interested in archery in 1962 when she and her husband joined an archery club. She soon began winning competitions. Her greatest triumph came in 1969, at the World Archery Championships. Despite the grueling conditions (four full days of shooting in 32-34 degrees C temperature), Dorothy overcame the challenges and captured the world title.

Lidstone competed at the World Archery Championships on three Canadian teams: at the 1965 tournament in Sweden, in the USA in 1969, and at England ’71. Her Provincial Championship career began in 1966, when she won her first of three titles in the ladies freestyle event (1966, 1973, and 1975).

Lidstone went on to capture gold at the 1969 Canadian Archery Championships in Victoria. This competition also doubled as the trials for the FITA (Fédération International de Tir à L’Arc–the world governing body of target archery) World Championships. She set two new records by shooting 1000 out of a possible 1080 points in the Canadian round, and 1168 out of 1440 in the Canadian/FITA round. Lidstone followed this win by capturing first place at the 1969 Pacific Northwest Conference (open to both Canadians and Americans). At the 1969 World Archery Championship in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, she set a new record by amassing 2361 points out of a possible 2800 points (110 points more than the previous record) on her way to victory. She also placed second at the 1969 Ambassador Cup tournament, a prestigious competition open only to the top three men and women archers in Canada and the US. Lidstone went on to capture gold at the 1970 and the 1971 Canadian Archery Championships.

She was recognized in 1969, receiving both the “BC Athlete of the Year” and “BC Senior Athlete of the Year” awards. In 1970, she was elected to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, and in 1972 to the Canadian Amateur Athletic Sports Hall of Fame. Dorothy retired from active competition in 1975.