Bernie Schwengers lived in Victoria for most of his life and was affiliated with the Victoria Lawn Tennis Club. He was a gifted all–round athlete. Besides being a first–rate tennis player, he excelled in baseball, soccer, rugby, and track and field. He also played polo, basketball, field hockey, cricket, golf, and lacrosse. In 1901, Schwengers was highlighted in Sandow’s Body–Building magazine. He was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1974.

Schwengers was a three-time Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club champion winning the singles in 1900 and 1906 and the doubles in 1906. He was a seven-time Victoria Lawn Tennis Club Champion winning the singles in 1905-06, 1908, 1910, and 1914, and the doubles in 1901 and 1907.

Schwengers was a six-time BC Open champion capturing the singles title in 1907-08, 1910, and 1914, and the doubles in 1906-07. He was a seven-time BC Mainland champion (later renamed Western Canadian) winning singles in 1900, 1906-08, 1910, and 1912, and the doubles in 1906.

Schwengers was a six-time Pacific Northwest champion nabbing the singles in 1904-05, 1909-10, and 1912, and the doubles in 1905. He was the Oregon State championship singles winner in 1905. Schwengers was ranked in the top four in the Pacific Northwest in doubles and singles from 1906-12.

Looking farther afield he was the champion of the Province of Quebec open singles in 1911. He was also a two-time Canadian Open singles champion in 1911-12. He was the Middlesex (England) County Open championship singles winner in 1913 and the All-England Invitational championship singles winner in 1914.

Schwengers played both singles and doubles as a member of the 1913 and 1914 Davis Cup teams. The 1913 team was considered one of the best Davis Cup teams Canada has ever produced. All four members were from the Victoria Lawn Tennis Club. The team defeated Belgium and South Africa to reach the finals of the European Zone but lost in the final zone to the US team.