As Canada’s premier fullback and goal kicker for ten years, Barrie Burnham’s record speaks for itself. He played at every level–-international, national and provincial–with the competitive edge and winning formula. His exceptional kicking skills, punting with either foot and intuition for strategic positioning, more than justified his selection to play at every level over an eleven-year period.

At the international level between 1962-71, Burnham was selected in four of the Canadian rugby team’s six international matches, scoring just under half of Canada’s points. His longevity speaks volumes as well. He was the only player to be chosen to participate both times in Canada’s two international tours in 1962 and 1971, more than nine years apart.

But his accomplishment in the Guinness Book of Rugby Facts and Feats is an anecdote proudly recounted by friends and family. On February 26, 1966, Burnham’s team, the Meralomas, defeated the Georgians 20-11 at Brockton Oval. Burnham scored all twenty points singlehandedly by every possible means in rugby: a try, a conversion, three-penalty goals, a dropped goal and a goal from a mark. The unusual achievement still stands unequalled today.

In 1972, at age 34, Burnham suffered a serious injury requiring over 300 stitches to his legs. With inextinguishable determination and extensive physiotherapy, he returned to the field and was selected to play against Fiji. He continued to play regularly with the Evergreens in the over-40 competitions after retiring.