Aubrey Sanford’s soccer career as a player, manager, and administrator spanned more than five decades. Except for his years as a star goalkeeper for the Westminster Royals, he did most of his work for the game quietly, behind the scenes, as he “didn’t care much for the limelight…” Sanford was voted “Canada’s Best Goalkeeper of the Half-Century” in 1951.

Sanford began his soccer career in 1922 with the Sapperton Club and played as goalkeeper there until 1927. He was picked up by the Westminster Royals and played there from 1928-35 as their goalkeeper, greatly contributing to three Canadian championship titles in 1928 and 1930-1931.

When soccer began to reorganize after World War II, Sanford served as team secretary for the Royals in 1948. He took over as the team’s manager from 1951-55 and guided the Royals to two additional national championships in 1953 and 1955.

Sanford served as a member of the BC Soccer Commission from 1958-65, including several years as chairman from 1962-65. He served as a member of the Canadian Soccer Association executive from 1962-72, including terms as vice-president from 1965-68 and president from 1969-72.