The Lyall Dagg Rink based out of the Vancouver Curling Club dominated curling in the 1960s, winning zone berths in the coast final every year from 1961 to 1965.

The Dagg Rink won the 1964 BC championship by defeating Kimberley in two straight games. They won the 1964 Canadian championship taking home the Macdonald Brier Tankard with a 9-1 record—only the second BC team to do so after the Frenchy D’Amour Rink blazed the trail in 1948.

At the 1964 world championships for the Scotch Cup, the Dagg Rink representing Canada went head to head with Scotland in the finals before a capacity crowd in Calgary’s Stampede Corral. It was a close match that saw the two teams tied 10-10 in the final, forcing a tie-breaking extra end. Canada had two rocks in the four-foot circle and Scotland’s rock went through, giving Canada the victory with a final score of 12-10.

Team Members:
Fred Britton (second), Lyall Dagg (skip), Leo Hebert (third), Barry Naimark (lead).