Because he was near-sighted, Art Chapman compensated by adjusting his style of play to stay near the basket. A tall and powerful basketball player, Chapman had no trouble defending his position. Although his specialty was basketball, he also won provincial championships in softball, soccer, and lacrosse.

Chapman won six BC provincial basketball championships between 1933-46 as a member of the powerhouse Victoria Blue Ribbons, known as the Victoria Dominoes after 1936. He also won five Canadian Senior A men’s championships with the Blue Ribbons (1933 and 1935) and the Dominoes (1939, 1942, and 1946).

In 1936, Chapman, his brother Chuck, and Doug Peden joined the Windsor Fords basketball team representing Canada at the Olympic Games in Berlin. The Canadian team went on to win a silver medal, losing the gold medal final by one point.

Chapman was the playing coach and manager of the 1947-48 Vancouver Hornets, Vancouver’s first professional basketball team. The team disbanded after one season but was made up of greats such as Doug Peden, Norm Baker, and George “Porky” Andrews, all fellow BC Sports Hall of Famers.