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100 Ravens Campaign Continues To Raise Funds For Indigenous Sport Gallery


One of the key fundraising initiatives connected to the Indigenous Sport Gallery was a fundraising initiative we called the 100 Ravens campaign. These are transformative individuals whose generous donations helped to ensure that Indigenous youth across BC have access to the inspiring stories in the Indigenous Sport Gallery.

The 100 Ravens campaign that began in 2019, has helped bring the Indigenous Sport Gallery to over 67,000 Indigenous students across BC through the Terry Fox: Inspiration in Action lesson plans that are a part of the Hero In You province-wide youth educational outreach program. We acknowledge and thank our partners viaSport for their support and investment in the Hero In You program and the expansion of the lessons curriculum and the continuation of providing these as a free educational resource for students and teachers.

The 100 Ravens committee co-chaired by Tewanee Joseph and Chief of the Sqwa Nation Lara Mussell-Savage were a vital part in raising over $58,000 for the campaign. The 100 Ravens were acknowledged with a special Ravens pin, and have been honored with a plaque in the Indigenous Sport Gallery. If you are interested in supporting the digitization of the Indigenous Sport Gallery and making the gallery accessible to Indigenous youth and people across Canada, please consider making a monetary contribution.